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08. Ouzelum
Yes that is a word.  No I didn't make it up.
A song where I sing about very bizzare things, bask in autotune that I don't need unless I pitch-shift my singing to Jim Johnson - Jingle Jock! levels (who apparently had testosterone implants as a kid or something) which I do here, allows me to sing chords(!), sing like GLaDOS, and generally do ridiculous things.
Named for a... well, if anybody knows what Ouzelum means they'll know why I gave it that name.  I mentioned the word in the song but that wasn't the reason I gave it the name.  Seriously.

One (or two, depending on how you count) of the instruments in this song is actually a very unusual real instrument I found in my uncle's basement where I'm staying for a week while Xaihyv and I reshingle the roof of my grandparents' garage.  It's not sampled, it's played into the same mic I used to record my vocals.  See if you can tell which one it is!

And if anybody actually knows what Ouzelum means that's another thing that will impress me greatly, so go ahead and say so!  I suspect the most likely person to know on this site is DarkFlameWolf.

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