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Monster City Startide The Haunted One
A slow electro-rock song that just goes to prove how much I like harpsichord.
Oddly for me, this song is not from the point of view of a ridiculously powerful gauss-cannon-of-life carnivoran struggling to come to terms with a sudden transformation (because he used to be a man!  Before he got in THEIR way...) or losing some personal battle regardless of their gauss-cannon-of-life-ish level of power.  Though it's still not from a human point of view.  Why would I write something boring like that?
It's from the point of view of a completely-normal-in-power-level beached dolphin determined to return to the sea.  And in the end, the music implies he actually succeeds.  How about that for a change?  Flying makes a return as a metaphor -- for swimming, because if all you ever know is the sea, is there really a big difference?
And apparently this dolphin likes harpsichord.

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PostedMay 04, 2013, 07:25:25 PM
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