Descent 2 Vertigo Fox Redbook Correlations
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The idea was to make songs that correlate to the D2 Redbook pieces.  It was Alieo's idea.  These songs aren't remixes -- they just attempt to capture the essence of each redbook song.

There is a separate set for Vertigo, which means four of the songs (Crush, Glut, Haunted, and Death) have two correlations.

Most of these songs were made for various projects, but secretly with the correlation in mind.  I tested these as though they were the redbook soundtrack, and they fit into each of their levels in D2 Counterstrike and D2 Vertigo just as well as the original redbook songs did.  Feel free to use them as a replacement soundtrack to D2 and Vertigo, if you like them.  You may have heard some of them before, but at least one of them has never been released before and others have only been released in a few obscure places, or to only certain people, so there's guaranteed to be something new here.
If you want to use one in your own project, let me know -- some of these are already taken, and others I may have plans for.  But otherwise you may be able to use it.

Total song count = 17

The album icon has nothing to do with the album... it's just there to be cute.

With that in mind... Prepare for Descent!
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V06 - Expector, D2 Vertigo Pain Correlation July 04, 2011, 04:59:46 PM 129
Title: Expector

Correlated Song: Pain

Correlated Levels: Krell Shaft Facility, PTMC Geothermal no. 1a574, Vertigo Research Station

Project: A Sapphirewolf D2X-XL mission

Description: An elite creature/robot/phyrexian that expects you, and will stop at nothing to bring you down.
V07 - Hive Mind, D2 Vertigo Rusty Correlation July 04, 2011, 05:03:00 PM 169 2 4.97 (1 vote)
Title: Hive Mind

Correlated Song: Rusty

Correlated Levels: Kanroku Ore Mine, Living Water Catacombs

Project: Solarian

Description: This is a song from the point of view of the transmode virus itself!  Yes, the virus is sentient... in fact, all it is is sentience.  It needs hosts in order to have any power.
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