Descent I + II - The Vintage Dreams Mix
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A SynthFont Project using the "Vintage Dreams Waves v2.sf2" sound font. I took an opposite approach from previous past projects to when I made the original MIDIs try to sound more like real orchestral instruments. This time, using the Vintage Dreams Waves sound font, I try to return that vintage feel to the old MIDIs/OPL3s with this high quality synth-heavy sound font. It was challenging on some percussion-heavy songs because there aren't many percussion instruments to choose from.

And the banks were all screwed up; none of these songs were a straight translation to this sound font--I had to select the instruments by hand for each MIDI track because the bank to the Vintage Dreams Waves sound font wasn't numbered correctly. For example, a square in the original MIDI would've translated to some annoying off-key bell--so everything had to be reassigned by ear and by hand.

Also, MOST of the MIDIs that were shorter, under the 3:30 mark, got extended, but in a way that made it sound like the song had an extra verse. Game10 is no longer the longest song, now Game15 is. And for Game20, which was really short, I extended it from the beginning and gave it a lead-in progressing intro.

I hope you like my interpretation!
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