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Feb 16, 2011
T-50 & F-22
Key differences:

There's a 2-seater planned for the T-50;
The T-50 has a slightly larger (78.8 sq. m. against F-22's 78.04) and better-loaded (330 kg/sq. m. against 340, max. 470 vs. 487) wing, which makes it more agile in dogfight, combined with...
3D thrust-vectoring engines (Saturn Make 117 - no…
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May 19, 2010
AKG K-240 Studio & Roland RH-50
RH-50 are Roland's low-end studio monitor headphones. In spite of which they're quad-driver - they have dedicated tweeters which sound really smooth when the headphones are recabled. Great for saxophones and any treble-based delicate music. RH-50 are much like the K-240 with less detail and an even…
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Feb 19, 2009
Su-37 Engine
Su-37 engine, 3D vectored thrust nozzle.
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Sep 14, 2005
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Dec 23, 2010
T-50 & Su-35
T-50 & Su-35 parked. Notice the fully rotating fins.
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Jan 23, 2010
Su-27 - Vertical
Su-27 showing off vertical acceleration (high thrust:weight ratio, the plane can accelerate climbing).
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Nov 25, 2008
Su-27 prototype.
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Oct 07, 2006
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Su-35 Taking Off
The final Su-35 standard has done without canards, thanks to FCS and engine thrust vectoring improvements.

Here it is taking off from the company's Siberian factory runway. Beautiful, isn't she?
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Oct 13, 2008
Olga Wearing DN-HP500
Recabled/modded Denon DJ DN-HP500
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May 02, 2010
Modded Denon AH-D310
These are my make (OK, modding) and belong to Wolf on Air.
Photo by Wolf on Air.
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Sep 05, 2012
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Doom Bliss Wallpaper
Could've been larger, but well, that's what's out there in the 'Net.
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Dec 12, 2011
Scorpion In A Jar
Housemate kept it for three days or so. Then she released it in the grass near the house's entrance. The poor thing died the next day, of exhaustion.
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Aug 08, 2010
Gunilla the cat & Castor the puppy. Gunilla hated him, but here she is in heat.
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Jul 31, 2010
Self - Pink Cosplay
Scary-scary cosplay as Pink from "The Wall". The headphones are AKG K-240 Studio with a custom cable. A modern rock/pop dictator has got to stay up-to-date with the tech.
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Dec 24, 2010
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