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xx Overload Released!

May 31, 2018, 11:05:16 AM by -<WillyP>-
! No longer available

Official Trailer
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xx Vertigo!

July 02, 2017, 07:44:32 AM by -<WillyP>-

Thanks Hunter!
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Soupe Du Jour:

Life doesn’t get in the way.

You’ve heard the phrase “Life gets in the way”, and sometimes it may seem that way.   I’ve been a long-time member at PlanetDescent.net and before that was active on PlanetDescent.com, DescentBB.net, and DescentBB.com.  Unfortunately, as time went by I eventually was spending more time on other stuff and a lot less time on Descent related things.  This being the reason (and not an excuse) for me seeming to be “gone” for a long time with only occasional appearances.  You could say for me “Life got in the way”, but that wouldn’t be the truth.

Rather, Life brought even more to me and my family which meant there was so much more to be involved with as Life moves forward.  My boys (all three) are taller than me with the youngest about to be taller, and the youngest will be a Senior next school year.  My daughter is a woman and I cannot classify her as “my little girl” anymore.  My wife has multiple projects that she works on (and I fully support her with the projects) that she is able to do with her physical limitations.  My job has continued to grow and change over the years with multiple projects and continued changes in the future.  Of course, up-keep of home and possessions is always a “grown up” attention point along the way.  All these contributed in unexpected ways to shift my focus to things other than Descent.

You could say “Life got in the way” for me, but I would challenge that and say “Life blossomed” which is how it should be for me, and for you, too.

It occurred to me, this is beginning to say that I’m going to continue to be essentially “gone”, but that isn’t true.  Rather, thanks to the Coronavirus self-quarantine, I’ve ended up with more available time in the home.  Thankfully, my job allows me to work from home easily (yeah, I’m lucky that way).

What I’m trying to say is while Life has brought much into my life that shifted my attention, I have not forgotten Descent (in fact I still often play Descent, and now also Overload), and I have for some time wanted to do more again with these games and the Descent community.  Oh sure, I’m getting older and my reflexes are not as good as they once were (my boys beat me much more easily now), but I still enjoy Descent and it is still and well favored and honored piece of my collection of entertainment activities.

I hope Descent still is for you, too.
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Descent News

xx Descent on sale at Steam!

October 30, 2019, 08:54:03 PM by -<WillyP>-

(Thanks to PyroJockey for bringing this to my attention!)
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xx Overload is Over

March 06, 2019, 10:51:26 AM by D2Disciple
While the Xbox release of Overload is imminent, it also comes with some sad news: other than another planned community map pack, Overload's development has ceased, citing poor sales.

According to an email sent to Kickstarter backers,

"We would have liked to do more with Overload -- more DLC drops (we will do another community DLC pack), new features, maybe a sequel.  Those things look very unlikely now.  We're gratified by Overload's strong user reviews and we love the community that has formed around the game. Nonetheless, sales have been disappointing and can't justify much additional work on the project.  (We know that people have questions about the long-term plan for multiplayer.  We're still figuring that out, but be assured we won't abandon our MP fans.  Whatever we do, there will be a way to play Overload multiplayer.)"

It seems as though much of the development team, including Mike Kulas, has moved back to Volition, and Matt Toschlog and Luke have moved on to other projects as well.

I think we all were hoping for a massive financial success for Overload, but we all knew it's a niche product for a niche crowd. Critical reception has been both limited and lukewarm, although praise has been virtually unanimous regarding its tight controls, clean and slick visual style, and killer soundtrack.

Still, I'm sure Overload will be supported by the community, as it has been from the beginning. Descent lives on and somehow continues to find new fans throughout the years despite competing with sixty-dollar flashy cinematic rail-shooters, massive open-world slogs, and and AAA role-playing grind-fests. I'm sure Overload will do the same.  8)
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xx Overload DLC release!

October 06, 2018, 05:57:45 PM by D2Disciple
I'm a few days late on this, so my apologies, everyone!  8)

As of September 28, 2018, the first community-contributed DLC for Overload is released to Steam for your itching trigger fingers to get a hold of! For the price of a typical grease-pit cheeseburger ($4.99), you get a nine-mission campaign and twelve new Challenge Mode levels to sink your teeth into. Plus, half the sales go to the contributing level authors, so you're directly supporting the Overload community by purchasing. How cool is that?

Get it on Steam here!

Plus, special shoutout to our very own Kaiaatzl for contributing two devious and well-designed levels to the campaign! Congrats, shut up, and take my money!  ;)
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xx Forsaken Remastered Release!

July 31, 2018, 04:57:43 PM by D2Disciple
Now here's one I didn't expect to see anytime soon. ;) Forsaken, the faster, louder, and dumber Descent clone from 1998, has been re-released by Nightdive studios for modern PC systems with some re-mastered options such as FHD and 4K widescreen support, anti-aliasing, FOV adjustment, and other general quality-of-life updates to the game. More interestingly, though, is that it isn't just the original PC/Playstation version that got the updated release - no, this one incorporates the entirety of the completely-different Nintendo 64 version into the singleplayer campaign as well. This marks the first time (to my knowledge) that the N64 game gets some PC love, and means that this is going to be one seriously content-loaded singleplayer game. Oh, and there's working multiplayer too,  if that wasn't enough.  :)

Once maligned by many hardcore Descent fans, Forsaken is, in hindsight, a very fun, frantic, and occasionally immature 6DOF shooter that takes the Descent formula up to 11 and adds some of it's own gameplay twists as well. At 20 bucks, it's hard not to recommend, especially since you're getting the revamped and definitive version of what is essentially two combined games.

Get it on Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/668980/Forsaken_Remastered/

Get it on GOG: https://www.gog.com/game/forsaken

If anyone needs me, you know what I'll be doing after the kid goes to bed the rest of the week.  :P
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